COVID-19 Support from The Port: Committed to Helping You Navigate Today’s Uncharted Waters

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Our team ready for you to join us On Deck with The Port, our virtual office hours with founders

This period of uncertainty and chaos has brought with it great challenges on all fronts of the world’s life — from the personal to the professional, from the day-to-day to the existential. Together, from the beginning, we have had to operate as one global organism to ride through the waves of this crazy period — from the first discovery of the virus, to becoming more educated so that we can best protect ourselves and importantly those around us, to the now which requires us to try to understand where we sit and exactly how we power through to survive.

Here at The Port, we follow the phrase: dare to navigate uncharted waters. During these times, this phrase has never rang more true. While the realities that countries, markets, businesses, and individuals are facing are truly testing, it is also during this time that we can tap into our inner resilience, strength, and compassion to best serve ourselves and our communities.

Given all of this, we want to take a moment to emphasize our commitment to helping our community navigate today’s uncharted waters. We are here for you and will remain here for you, now more than ever. During this period of pause, we have seen more people, teams, and businesses take this time to recalibrate and recenter to focus on the road ahead.

Whether you are an individual taking this time to think through that idea you’ve always wanted to start or are part of a team working hard to figure out next steps, here are some of the key resources that we have made available to help us all navigate these difficult times together and chart the journey ahead.

On Deck with The Port: Hosting Open Office Hours for Startups & Businesses

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The sales cycle will inevitably slow (as it already has) and will be very much altered in the post-COVID-19 world. This downtime is particularly opportune to take a moment to step back and either develop or fix all those areas of your business (especially your marketing and brand) that you may not have had the time to address because of previous busy cycles. Whether you have some marketing questions, are looking for some business growth advice, or just want to say hello to our team, we will be online every week (Tuesday through Thursday, 17.00–18.00 EET / 10–11am ET) at your disposal.

To book some time to chat with us, simply visit:

Fellowship19: Supporting Our Local & Global Tech Family

Greece’s fellowship 19 initiative
Greece’s fellowship 19 initiative

Similar to our office hours, we have also proudly joined Greece’s Fellowship19 initiative to support our local tech family in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis. Fellowship19 is “an open community of tech professionals that offer their help for free to support tech companies of all sizes stay afloat during the global crisis we are experiencing.”

It works easily in three simple steps: 1) Send your question via the Fellowship19 website, 2) Fellowship19 will match you with a relevant participating company, and then 3) You’ll receive a video answer from the selected industry expert shortly after being matched. This inspiring initiative has already received questions from people and organizations across the world, with more coming in every day.

To submit a question, visit

The “Dare to Sail” Podcast: Highlighting Remote Work & Digital Nomad Best Practices

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As teams and businesses across the world are finding new creative ways to stay connected and productive during this heightened digital era, we pulled together some thoughts and insights gained from our practices as a remote team and shared them in our newly launched podcast, the first in a series. In this episode, we sit down with remote work consultant George Tsalaportas to discuss the key considerations for effective remote work.

To listen to the podcast, visit

#GreeceFromHome: Bringing Greece & Greek Travel Tech Insights to You

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Here in Greece, it is particularly inspiring to see Greek startups quickly adapting to save their businesses and banding together to highlight the importance of securing resources to preserve and strengthen the country’s strategically important startup sector. To give back to this welcoming and inspiring local tech community, we have partnered with a local startup in one of the country’s (and world’s) most challenged industries — travel and tourism. In our latest pro bono project, we are partnering with the Greek travel startup Grekaddict (an experience booking platform) in their latest venture to keep the Greece travel dream alive: a live webcast series, #GreeceFromHome. In this series, we sit down with Greek travel startup founders and business owners to chat with them about how their teams are navigating the current challenging climate, and of course, what they recommend as the must-see spots of Greece.

To learn more about the series, click here.

Webinar Series

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Last but not least, we will be bringing you a webinar series with a special guest and industry expert — specializing in the knowledge that you will need to scale your startup into the U.S. (for the founders who are taking this valuable time to strategize for what their future business growth looks like).

All ticket sales will be donated to two charities that are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 aid in US and Greece, City Harvest and COVID-19 Response Greece respectively.

More details coming this week — to be the first to know about this webinar and related valuable business knowledge, simply drop your email here:

And finally, to remain transparent and active in the conversation regarding how COVID-19 has impacted our business, here’s what the inside of The Port looks like currently: our distributed team across three time zones and countries (Greece, U.S., and Spain) has been training since last year to find our footing in terms of operating remotely. We truly feel so fortunate to have pre-established processes and workflows that helped us greatly before COVID-19 and even more so now. Additionally, because this time of physical distancing brings people online, the digital marketing foundation that is our bread and butter has given us the privilege to bring on new clients and partners during this time of crisis.

It goes without saying that from our teams and families to yours, we hope that you are safe and well and we look forward to seeing you after all the waters calm. And in the meantime, remain committed to supporting you with as many resources as we can to help navigate these uncharted waters. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of any and all of the initiatives listed above, and we look forward to seeing you virtually (and hopefully in person!) soon.

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